My name is Obee and I am glad to welcome you to my lifestyle blog. I am married to my best friend(Mr. Possible) and a mother of two beautiful girls (Baby J and Lady A) I have a degree in Political Science and Public Admin and a Masters in Corporate communication and Public relations. I run a food business where my love for food is expressed physically and rewarded through cash. lolll

The Birth of Bride2mom

Bride2mom was an idea I birthed when I was pregnant, I had just gotten married and found out I was pregnant, it was a huge shift for me and I started journaling my experience of being a new wife to being a new mum. Prior to that, I had been counselling people for years in marriage and relationships because I believe everyone should and can have a beautiful marriage… I sent my husband some of the stuff I had been journaling and we came up with the Idea of blogging by grouping all my strength and experiences under one umbrella; relationship, marriage, pregnancy, food , hence the name bride2mom I want to walk with you on your journey to self-discovery, beautiful relationship, fulfilled purpose, parenting, pregnancy, great food, marriage and an exciting family life, through wit, humour, a lot of stories and truth. If I ever make you laugh, put a smile on your face and leave you feeling better or inspired to do, then I am fulfilling my purpose. One thing I can promise is that we would all have a better perspective, understanding and balanced lifestyle from this blog.

Our promise

We would never judge you but would always tell you the truth!

Welcome once again to Bride2mom blog