Kitchen Gist

Its all about food, food and more food…I would review restaurants and food, put up food you guys sent in and put up food I have cooked…Anything that relates to food. You can send your recipes and pictures of your food to this email;

I have done Akara #Godwin

That is how I made Akara  in Oman in a bid to be a virtuous woman, if you miss that post click here, infact, it turned out to be a disaster. Recently, I have been feeling guilty that I have not done variety in a while based on the present condition(winks), so to treat my man, I planned doing moin- […]

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My Home-made Amala

By now you must know, I am a foodie! While growing up, I have had different names that came from my love for food, not only because I loved good food but I am passionate about cooking the food, seeing people eat it,explaining the details that went into the whole process and learning new dishes. […]

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Moin – moin with a twist

The moin-moin was what I cooked as one of my anniversary meals, if you missed that post click here…Do you know you don’t have to peel the beans till it is white as snow to get a perfect moin-moin? Inshort you can decide not to peel the beans at all. Ingredient Beans, soaked and watched […]

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