On Saturday, I was really stressed. MrPossible was busy and out all day and Saturdays are the days I look forward to, because that is the day I get more help with the kids and we can all be home like one big happy family, but this Saturday was different. I was with BabyJ and Lady A, I still had stuff to do, The woman that helps around called me last minute that she cannot make it that day, then LadyA showed me she was really the boss as she kept crying all day and would not allow me drop her, except she sleeps, then when she sleeps babyJ would wake her up. I was screaming, shouting, had a cold and generally very tired by the time Mrp got home, I was in no good mood to play at all. The next day, he asked we get ready to go to church with him. I have not gone to church since the birth of Lady A, so I got ready and he said after service he would give me a threat, you need to see my joy…Gosh! I love foood. IMG_7075   That is how we got to Churrasco, from outside you will not notice so much, just that the restaurant pretty much sits on  water but when I got inside, the look had a jungle feel,like a place you stop to eat after a safari ride in the desert, it also felt like the meat and the rest were freshly caught by hunters in the desert…lol. We had a window sit so we could see the sea, boats and others, it was serene, it was beautiful it is a place where you can propose to your girl (thank me later guys). IMG_7192 I was under the impression, it was meant to be a buffet but what I met shocked me, There was a salad buffet, with a bowl of rice (sorry I couldn’t take a picture, we were overwhelmed with the kids) in my mind, I was like, what kind of buffet is this na? Though I am watching my weight, why would leave my home to come eat salad, but I put myself together and took from the rice to feed babyJ so she would not go into full blown tantrum.IMG_7076   Then they brought the menu and there were just two options, either Barbecue or seafood  and as it is our usual tradition, we chose two different things, so we can taste from each others’ and that is how before I knew it, I saw  a guy coming with sword to my table, IMG_7069 I shock but he came bearing gifts, he brought Garlic bread…. Oh my! That was some fine bread mehn, delicious, warm, a little bit crunchy but soft inside, immediately I transcended to food heaven. Then another one brought meat, another one prawns, another one chicken, The way it is done, they come with the sword and well marinated shrimps, fish or chicken, they tell you the name,  ask you If you want it, they slice for you as much you want, then they keep going and coming with hot, spicy but not peppery, well marinated fish,different sea food and meat, I had meat like I have never in my life, they kept coming non-stop and every meat and sea food was just amazing and kept me guessing.while they were slicing beef on my plate, IMG_7073 I was already imagining what the next beef or sea food would taste or look like, there was cheese beef, beef back, shoulder, at some point, I wasn’t even hearing what they were saying, before they slice, I would just take it and eat. I even had to turn down some and if they hadn’t stopped, I would have lost it! There was a time I was just chewing and shaking my head in absolute enjoyment and fulfilment, if not that Mrp asked “what are you shaking your head to?” I did not even know I was. lolllIMG_7072   We also ordered our drinks, Virgin Mojito and Chapman, best drinks we have had, though they wanna finish am with sugar mehn, but you would enjoy it so well. IMG_7084   IMG_7188 At the end of the day, we had a very awesome time, though the kids distracted a lot but as you can see our table #Godwin IMG_7187 I would love to go there again, just MrPossible and I, maybe when I have lost some pounds, because that place can sincerely make you sin…It makes you understand when the bible says ‘Gluttony is a sin’. It was altogether a beautiful experience.