If you have ever visited Warri, then you must have heard about Maxin Lotus Chinese restaurant. That is where we go to chill just after pay day, we propose there, we do family outing and anything that is ghen ghen celebration, Maxin Lotus is your go-to place.

I was in Warri sometime ago with babyJ and coincidentally my childhood friend aka K.K was in town as well. We were both pregnant and we told ourselves when we get to Warri, we would definitely touch base with Maxin Lotus, so that day we got dressed knowing it was going to be a fun ride, planned that we would spend 6000 or even 5000 naira on our meal…hehehe, talk about eating Chinese  on a budget,you too can try it. That is how we went in, armed with the  menu, we chose everything we were going to have, from the size of the chapman to portion of spring roll and finally rice, all within our budget.

After eating and feeling very thrift with ourselves amidst so much joys and laughters, then they brought our bill and that is how we opened our mouth, it was 10800, my friend and I were dumbfounded, what did we eat na? Oya they should come and take the spring rolls but I took the bill as I always do and started my calculation. The guys were watching us and  in my mind I am like, “we ain’t gonna pay no 10800 on a 5000 naira budget…”  You need to see our confusion, we  brought out our different phones to calculate, when calculator was failing us, we started using our heads, then we went into denial ” Haba, what did we really eat?” then anger “Hope their prices has not changed and they did not tell us” before I could go into bargaining like ” Ha bros! somebody cannot  comean eat within a budget in this Warri again ehn” We  saw that they made a mistake as someone calculated 300 Naira as 3000 and that was it o, our bill dropped very well, we paid way less and realized the reason why we did not stay on budget was not our long throat but tax and service charge. I was so excited that I took a picture with the reduced bill.

Well let us get to the review shall we?

Maxin Lotus is a plain white building from the outside but inside has a lot of character, you kind of think you are in a Shaolin temple, it is red and feels a bit cozy, you cannot go wrong with a selfie there, the servers are polite and the food is great 99.5 percent of the time. We had spring rolls, fried rice and sizzling chicken sauce with two glasses of Chapman.The food was impeccable, though that sauce is always not enough for me (rolling eyes) and as soon as it comes, you better start scooping like a child scooping water from a pot, if not it will sizzle and disappear into the pot.

What we ate:

  • Two glasses of large Chapman

  • 1 portion of spring roll( we asked them to cut the spring roll as my friend fears me when it comes to food)

  • 2 small bowls of Fried Rice(Chinese)

  • 1 Sizzling Chicken Platter in Black Bean Sauce( you can never go wrong with black bean sauce, if you don’t understand anything on the menu in a Chinese Restaurant, once you hear black bean sauce, then take it.)

In conclusion, I would always go there over and over again, they kind of always get it right with their meals even better than some Chinese restaurant I have been to in Lagos. I recommend you go there too and the beautiful thing is, you can have a budget Chinese meal. Don’t be like us and forget to factor in tax and service charge… lol

Below is the look you give after they charge you 10 thousand Naira and you pay less