For the longest time, I have had dreams, goals, aspirations on all I want to be and all I knew I could be, but something was wrong somewhere and I could not place my finger on it. I would tell my hubby and any close friend that I knew I would be great but the problem was how to get from dreams and goals to reality and living in that ‘greatness’. Oh my goodness! How I struggled. Sometimes I would even start something that would make me feel the ‘greatness coming down on me strong’, you know that ‘I can feel it’ moment when you are like Yaasssssssss! Lol. But just halfway through, it goes out the window, leaving you so deflated? Then you say to yourself, “how did I not get it right and how the heck do people get it right?” The answer is that they were Intentional boo! We would explore Three ways to  be intentional

My Time.

At the beginning of this year, God gave me the word “Be Intentional” and slowly but surely, it started hitting home, I was not Intentional with my time, I did anything and everything, I wake up with literally no plan that involved me, just my kids and hubby, as for me, I could or you could squeeze anything that catches my interest into my day.

My Dreams.

I was not Intentional with my dreams-I would speak about my dreams, think about it, dream it, start it coincidentally without a plan and stop it abruptly.


I was not Intentional about God – Most of us are guilty of this, God is the one we talk to when we are in trouble, depressed, scared, in need of a quick fix but He is not our everyday go-to guy. This right here, is where Intentional should even start from -Seek ye First…


I was not Intentional about my money, the shop determined what I bought (every girls problem right?)

I was not Intentional about my words, my feelings, do you know your feelings should not control you? Story for another day.

I was Intentional about some other things but was not about Me!

People that are not Intentional in some or most areas of their lives allow others to push their plans into yours or make decisions for them and please don’t blame them, they were not using you, you were just too available. It is like waking up with a plain canvas daily and expecting life not to fill it up for you, you would pretty much work around the schedule of people that are Intentional… No! don’t tell people all the time, “oh I am free, I am available, you know I don’t do anything, name your time and I would be there, what time would you prefer?” Nobody is free, there is always something to do for yourself to make you better. When you are always free don’t be surprised they ask you to babysit their dogs and please don’t sulk, no one is taking advantage of you, you just woke up with a plain canvas darling so everyone is filling it up for you.

 I am still working on me but here is the thing, you see the greatness I am talking about, it is in our DNA, God made all of us great, you would be great too but you have got to be Intentional. Look at all the great people in the world from Dangote to other successful people, no one just prayed into greatness or wished greatness into their lives, They were all Intentional. The Bible says, who would want to build a house without first counting the cost?


Let me break Intentional down for you using relationships. Do you just go into the streets, no matter how lonely you are and date anyone? You know what you want for you and some of us, no matter how bad it is, we would rather die single than just be with anyone. So why do you treat yourself, your time, your money, your dreams, your purpose like ‘blehhhhh’- Whatever happens happens?

In every sphere of life, you find yourself,  be Intentional.