On Sunday after we made it hand in hand to the house of the lord, then we decided to just eat out as we were feeling happy…lol, so that once we get home, we can hit the sack, I told Mrpossible that I would like to go to this new restaurant called Delta pot and that is how we started looking for the place o, it took us a great deal of time as the google map kept directing us wrongly( why is it oyibo voice describing our Nigerian streets na?) Finally, we got to DeltaPot and realized they have not started working on Sunday, by now, that  we were soooo hungry, then I  told bobo, what about Otres ” there was a day we were driving through Lekki Phase 1 and  I saw Otres, I have been looking for the place for a long time, as soon as I saw it, I quickly told Mrp “See Otres! look so you know where it is next time” Because I am so bad with roads. Thank God he looked, so he had a fair Idea of where Otres was. IMG_7738 When we got to Otres, I felt the logo was not bright enough, because it looked like what you can easily pass by but when I got into the compound, I realized they were trying to work with a concept but I still feel, the logo can be given some touch of colour, as I stepped inside, it was like we were in another place, the owner has got taste mehn! IMG_7752 The decoration at the reception looks like a very classy home, inside the restaurant shocked me more, it was a classy restaurant based on my knowledge of the Otres in warri(fast food), I thought this would  be almost same thing at least but na’ah, it is an ultra modern kind of chic look they were going for, it was soooooooo beautiful, with mirrors everywhere, I sat down in awe of the place and in admiration of how the young CEO, took Otres from Warri and rebranded it! IMG_7742   IMG_7740 We got the menu on time and the waiter was polite, just as I went through the menu and was impressed  how they packaged  simple eba(cassava granules)into another name, IMG_7746 I decided to take a picture, the waiter refused and felt I was going to use it for my own restaurant, I had to explain to him that I review places before he kindly understood, apparently some other new restaurant has copied their stuff  and now use it,  Mrpossible  however told him to relax, that people can only copy your stuff but they cannot copy the experience. We ordered our meals and in true restaurant style , it was going to be alacarte, as we were with the two kids, we did not have anytime to waste so we changed our orders to Egusi and Pounded yam  with dried fish for bobo and coconut rice and shrimp  with chicken for me and baby J, because as I see price, I knew babyJ aint getting a plate men! We have to share and we ordered a bowl of goat meat peper soup IMG_7753 When the pepper soup came, gees!!!! from a mile, the smell took me to my mother and my grandmother’s kitchen, my mum is itsekiri so you can imagine, That soup would make you think of your mum immediately, Mrpossible doesnt really drink pepper soup but he drank that one, the goat meat was so tender that Mrpossible said ” Omg! so goat meat can be this soft” in my mind I said “chai! this boy want to disgrace me outside o, so my goat meat is not this soft ehn?,’ the goat meat was succulent enough that every bite brought the juice of the pepper-soup pouring out…yum( i just swallowed spit right now) IMG_7760   Then they brought my rice in a black pot, this black pot is a signature pot for ohwo but especially banga, it makes the Banga soup thicker and it gives it a whole new taste, however it was not Banga soup that was coming with it as yours sincerely, is watching her weight, it was coconut rice, I was impressed at the concept of using a black pot for the coconut rice, the coconut rice was soft and creamy and Mrpossible said, I think this is the original way to make coconut rice, right? “lolllll so my goat meat is not soft, now my coconut rice is not original ay? Thanks Otres! I shared my rice with Baby J as the portion was more than enough and even my juicy chicken, that had tomato juice oozing out of it sides. IMG_7762 The presentation was marvellous! I later tasted Mrp’s pounded yam and egusi, omg!!!!!!!! How did that pounded yam get and soooooo soft and ‘springy’, my hands could feel perfection and my mouth danced in excitement, babyJ dumped my rice for the pounded yam and egusi soup…lol. There was something about that soup though, according to Mrp, there were obstacles everywhere, it was an hide and seek kind of obstacle, you may not see the pomo or the other stuff but once you take a hand into your mouth, you shall feel it my brethren, every morsel of pounded yam had an obstacle in it…lol. IMG_7758 It was a great experience, we totally enjoyed our meal and the ambience of the place is irreplaceable, I was really impressed and to selfie lovers, you will take pictures till you are tired. Would I go there again???? Of course!!!!!!!! but for a free meal.hehehe. If you would you want me to review your restaurant or hotel, contact me on 07063794406 or send an email to bride2mom@gmail.com.