Today I am going to talk about my best frozen yoghurt place in Lagos, Oh well, It is the one I have seen and visited. Remember the days of running after bicycle man for Ice cream, well for some of us it was Icecream trucks and when you finally take the Ice cream, you would just be baffled how an inanimate object gets you!  That is how I felt with Sweet Kiwi frozen yoghurt.

When we were in Dubai, I discovered Pinkberry yoghurt, Omg!!! it was so amazing and after every mall visit, Mrpossible would ask, If I want to visit “my friends” pinkberry, to which I always said YES!

Recently I found Sweet Kiwi, here in Nigeria, It was like seeing someone you are in a long distance relationship with, I did not know exactly what to do, should i hug the owners or should I just cry? You know how craving is now, the mouth wants what it wants, that is how I went to see my friend oh and we decided to go try out Sweet Kiwi  Frozen yoghurt. I must say, there is nothing you cannot find in Lagos, as soon as we got in there,Wow! The ambience was amazing!, the colours, the lounge  and all beautiful! Inshort after a hot scorching sun, you can just enter there and form that you want to buy yoghurt, then sit-down and enjoy the serene environment, soak everything in!!

We were welcomed with smiles and told we should go try the yoghurt from the varieties they had and guess what??? You serve yourself during trial, my friend and I had to comport ourselves before we try and get full, you can try and walk away saying , ” some other time,I am not feeling the yoghurt today…lol” After trying out, we made our decisions and ordered two different flavours, I don’t know why the guy attending to us was picking on me o, he said i should try the tapioca aka cocoyam flavour because ‘you are on the big side’, chai!! and they don’t want to be held responsible if I add more weight, so a big girl cannot do what she wants to do again ehn? When I am paying, I just smiled because in my mind, I was like ”  Not even you would make me not enjoy my yoghurt today!”

Our budget for the yoghurt was two thousand naira and you serve yourself, after that it is weighed, if its over the money you have, then you are on your own…Lucky us, after taking our Yogurt we even had change.

When you have the yoghurt, I promise you,  you would just want to stop and think, did I mention you can add any filling to it, from nuts, fruits, sweets and so on. It was an amazing experience all in all, I even got a ballon to show for it. Would I go there again? of course!!!!

My Thoughts…

Great Lounge to hang out and also take selfies

You can just go there with a group of friends to chill, I am not sure if there is a free WIFI but I guess there might just be.

Its also beautiful for romantic outings but if you are on a budget and you go there , you better fill your girlfriend’s cup before she would take 6000 Naira yoghurt and you will have to drink a bottle of water.

The calories of each flavour is on the machine, so if you are a weight watcher, you can have a swell time by knowing your calories intake.