It was a busy day in December and I was neck-deep in cooking for a few people and retired to bed very tired. Mr. Possible asked me a question that was meant to be harmless.
“Are you pregnant?” I laughed at first with wonder about how I could be pregnant and doing this much work, how would I not know? Just so you know, I did a photoshoot some days back and with my calculations, I had drunk four glasses of wine from that day till this day he was asking this unharmful question.
I responded with, ‘Is that how people just get pregnant?’, but the boy wouldn’t budge. You guys know I was tired, right? And Bobo started calculating from my last period and since I removed my family planning stuff, I had been having a very funny cycle. So, I forgot that my cycle had changed once again and I told him, still operating on a previous cycle. At this point, I’ll blame it on the pregnancy brain, hehehehe!
Don’t mind me, I am just so lazy in calculating things like this. Do you know why Mr. Possible was so invested in calculating? Bro. had hung the boots! Sincerely, I think it was me that was constantly dragging those boots(a story for another day). He reminded me that the cycle had just changed. I was in shock and silently grabbed a test kit which I had since the last pregnancy and went in to check.

After peeing on the stick, my brothers and sisters, I knew my life was about to change! There was a mix of super excitement and OMG!
‘Am I ready for this?’, ‘at this point?’
I must share with you that my 2020 goal was to be more in everything I do, I’ll like to say, it was supposed to be my MONEY YEAR. Inasmuch as I don’t see pregnancy as a holdback in life when I get pregnant, you wouldn’t know me! I transform into a different person entirely. I fall so sick and can barely help myself and this is almost 5years after Lady A.

Well, I came out of the bathroom and told Mr. Possible that I was pregnant, Bobo said ‘congrats!!!’, to him, he was done with kids but as I constantly kept pulling down the hung boots, I think he felt I had won.

Foye Abuja