I remember saying I would do review on hotels and restaurants but procrastination plus busy life of a mother of two…hehehe (just making excuses sha…)Today Mr Possible stroked me, that all I do is take pictures and never use them, so I am going to prove him wrong.   Wheat baker hotel was the one we used for our valentine surprise early this year…since we came back from Oman, I must say, I just felt there is nothing I would see that would really thrill me, then Mrpossible told me about Wheatbaker,my first thought was, ‘what a name? Do they bake  bread there? ‘   When we got there first of all, I saw that the reception from the gatemen was awesome, this is the first place I have gone to that the gatemen were just so courteous, I think they wore suits sef. Then entering the place, you all of a sudden forget you are in Lagos.   The ambience gave a great feeling, as soon as we got inside, we were welcomed with very beautiful smiles and entertained with drinks, babyJ got a rose, as it was valentine and chocolate while Mr Possible and I got a glass of wine each. Everybody was smiling, speaking very well and neatly dressed.   They were all courteous, then we got into our room, of course there was a surprise there for Mr Possible, the view was good as we could  see the poolside from our room, the bed was amazing, there was a beautiful cot there for babyJ which she did not use anyways     We had planned to have lunch but we were late and dinner was fully booked, it just showed that they were in high demand. There was no space for us at all…We later ordered in and enjoyed our food, I must say,  it was tasty, nice enough and very well presented… did I forget to say there were fresh flowers and fruits compliments of the hotel and since we had saved our tummy hoping we would do their lunch buffet but missed it thanks to traffic, we just munched on the fruits right away.     At night, the Wheat baker hotel came alive but we could not come alive with it , as babyJ was cramping our style, so I went down to do something and all of a sudden, I felt under dressed with my three quarter jean and black tees, ladies were in dresses, like it was dinner party, there were people in their lounge, by the pool, they were people everywhere, with a live band that was killing it with lovely old school tunes, Lagos takes valentine very personal.   The next day we went for their breakfast which was complimentary by the way. It was a good buffet, it was not those kind of complimentary buffet you see and you go, yeah this was free, it looked rich enough and nice to eat, with some varieties. kids were given ballon to have fun in the buffet hall, while seated, that really helped keep babyJ calm throughout the meal.       In conclusion, I would go there over and over again, I would recommend them to anybody looking for a good place to lounge and thumbs up to their staff, they were all so courteous, polite and nice, the customer service was impeccable and every need or request was promptly answered.