Thinking what to write to you and I today, It’s been a year since I came on here and I would like to motivate you but motivation is fleeting, I would like to advice us, but what is an advice worth if we don’t act on it?

I have been motivated, advised and even supported but sincerely, no one makes a move based on just that, you have got to want it as bad.

Have you ever advised a friend in a bad situation, spent a lot of time telling her what to do and after all the motivation, she goes back into that dangerous situation? Next time you might Advice, motivate and even support her by making a way of escape, but she goes back there because Motivation, Advice and even Support are not enough for anyone to make a move until they want to move.

So my Advice to you and I today is MOVE OVER! YOU ARE IN YOUR WAY! Oh the things we would do, if only we stop making excuses, posing worse case scenarios , waiting for the perfect time, while watching time tick.

Did you notice, this was not just an advice to you, but to both of us? Because Girl! I need this just as much as you do. Get out of your way Girl!!!